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Internet of Things, Cloud Computing,

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
A leading brand of solution and system integration.

About AlphaInfo

Founded in Taiwan, ROC in 2011, AlphaInfo specializes in developing and applying Internet of Things (M2M/IOT), Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence (optimized by Intel OpenVINO™ toolkit) and Customized AOI Inspection, most notably in the semiconductor industry but also across other industries.


AlphaInfo consists of a strong, efficient and experienced team with the utmost care for customers’ business needs. We place especial focus on providing quality customer service along with our excellent delivery capabilities. Our R&D team has extensive cross-system integration experience with both wired and wireless networks, and with multiple software/hardware platforms. Our collective expertise with advanced data integration, mature software engineering and technology industry data analysis and management allows us to create innovative and robust application systems that suit every customers’ unique needs.


By providing outstanding customer-centric integration services, AlphaInfo has quickly become the leading AIOT solution systems provider in the world.

Business Philosophy

AlphaInfo has been very proud of its ethical and collaborative spirit since day one. We aim to create a long-term sustainable company that will always support employees, remain acutely attuned to customers’ needs and desires, and provide benefit to society.


We achieve this by encouraging teamwork and mutual respect both within our organization and in every interaction with customers, partners and greater society. We continuously scrutinize industry trends and proactively make positive economic and environmental contributions to the communities we are a part of. We encourage our employees to continue learning and growing, and promise to maintain a harmonious and fair workplace based on integrity and success.