Automatic Optical Inspection

AlphaAOI is an automatic optical inspection system with machine vision technology. AlphaAOI’s high-speed non-contact precision acquisition image technology collects high quality optical information for calculation and analysis. It can precisely check the surface state of a product or measure its size during processing, eliminating any chance of human inspection error. Using parameter comparisons, AlphaAOI detects any abnormalities or defects.


As AlphaAOI collects more data on different defect types, it automatically advances its own processing power to shorten measurement cycle times and improve product yield.


Due to these benefits, AlphaAOI has become a key technology in the precision electromechanical industry. In combination with optical sensing systems, signal processing systems and analysis software, AlphaAOI is now used in a wide range of industries, including biomedical, semiconductors, electronics, automotive, medical, fingerprint comparison, face recognition, quality inspection, robotics control, mechanical molds, passive components, food processing, paper, plastics, textiles, solar energy and more.


Technology Application

Imaging Hardware

  • Light source technology

  • External environmental factor control

  • Image autofocus technology

  • CCD and video card selection

  • Image system and coordinates parameter correction

  • Image segmentation and stitching

  • Image feature conversion technology

  • Image feature recognition

  • Image clustering analysis

  • Image feature capture

  • Image comparison technique

Image Analysis

  • Image filtering technology

  • Logical algorithm

  • Binary threshold processing technology

  • Image enhancement technology

  • Image signal conversion technology

Image Point Processing

  • Surface defect algorithm

  • Geometric defect algorithm

  • Size defect algorithm

  • Color variation algorithm

  • Defect Classification and statistical rules

Defect Detection

Image contour processing

  • Thin line technology

  • Image boundary, contour enhancement

  • Morphological algorithm

  • Image boundary search

  • Sub-pixel algorithm

  • Pan, rotate, zoom

  • Image 3D data operation

  • Shape size operation

Image Geometry Operation



​Features and Advantages

 -Ability to develop  customized inspection and measurement machines.

-Ability to develop visual algorithms.

-Creates Image Processing Library (MVtec, Matrox, Euresys, NI).

-Artificial intelligence / deep learning.