​Equipment Data Collection

"Industry 4.0" is the most popular word in the industry today. All walks of life are flourishing and wish to introduce "Industry 4.0" solutions to make enterprises better, upgrade their industries, keep up with the trend, enhance their overall competitiveness, and avoid being eliminated in the competition. The spirit of "Industry 4.0" is to lead enterprises from "automation" to "intellectualization". All industrial 4.0 solutions, such as ERP, MES, APS, SCM, MCS, PLM, CRM, etc., have been paid more and more attention by various industries in this trend. Through the introduction of these software schemes, the industry can improve the overall efficiency, optimize the enterprise architecture, and greatly increase the competitiveness and productivity.


AlphaEDC is based on the integration of big data, Internet of Things, and industrial 4.0 solutions. It has the feature of rapid integration and can collect equipment and production line data both economically and fast. It is easy, convenient and versatile for communication integration, and has the flexibility to adjust to different applications. Therefore, it will be more effective to capture diverse data by AlphaEDC.

It is easy to collect all kinds of data through AlphaEDC solution. For developers, it can also achieve better integration and development capabilities; for enterprises, the system is relatively easy to maintain, and can help reduce maintenance costs. Also, it will be more flexible to develop internal software applications for IT departments.

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