​Intelligent Preventative Maintenance

Through comprehensive condition monitoring, we can understand the current health status and trend changes of key equipment, diagnose the location and severity of equipment failure, and mitigate the effect(s) of overhaul or temporary maintenance. AlphaPMQ eliminates equipment failures in their embryonic stages through early detection and maintenance, thus improving equipment life and reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

01 Avoid serious equipment failure

02 Avoid impact of long downtimes on production line capacity

03 Effectively prevent unplanned/unanticipated maintenance

04 Optimize equipment maintenance frequency

05 Reduce equipment maintenance costs

Pre-emptive protection monitoring

If machines continue to operate past a set critical threshold (unique to each type of equipment), there is a significant chance that serious damage or catastrophic failure will occur. AlphaPMQ suggests maintenance before machines reach that critical point, which reduces the chance of extended downtime and maintenance costs.


Assess status and plan maintenance

Guarantee production and quality


Reducing Loss and Protecting Asset Investment

Protecting the environment and personal safety

​Trigger Point

Reaction time limit of monitoring state

Time domain to frequency domain graph