Semiconductor Solutions


Engineering Data Analysis

In the fast-changing semiconductor market, it is critical for success to use and integrate correctly the information collected from the production line. For semiconductor manufacturer and packaging test plants, they can increase production capacity and reduce losses through interpreting the machine data effectively and taking appropriate measures. The product life cycle is also a factor of affecting the competitiveness of enterprises. They must strictly control costs and increase production capacity when developing new products or technologies.


AlphaEDA has powerful data analysis capability, which allows you to fully interpret the implied meaning of each group of data, fully grasp all important information and complete batch trajectory records, including event status records, automatic data analysis and abnormal alarms, so that developers can immediately process important information, reduce losses and make information available instantly on any device. It will ensure users can analyze problems and make decisions more accurately. AlphaEDA is a powerful knowledge management tool, so that resources can be effectively analyzed and used.


SECS/GEM Communication Protocol

AlphaInfo specializes in the implementation of SECS/GEM communication protocols. It is applied in the communication specifications between various devices and hosts in semiconductor manufacturing or packaging test lines. It is also committed to assisting customers in planning the functional specifications of SECS/GEM applications, providing services of equipment automation, machine data acquisition and integration. The SECS/GEM information system architecture needs to be adjusted and expanded to meet the production requirements. Based on the existing core R&D technology, AlphaInfo can expand the required SECS/GEM information function quickly, and accelerate the import process of product improvement application to achieve real-time management and remote control.


Recipe Management System

High-tech production equipment and automatic ingredient management system are particularly important for the large wafer yield amount with the increasing demand of semiconductors. AlphaRMS manages ingredient system for automatic production equipment and adjust procedures and parameters to meet customers' demands. The system can effectively monitor the quality of production, reduce the shortcomings and errors of manual management, improve the yield and enhance the manufacturing capacity and competitiveness.


Fault Detection & Classification

AlphaFDC anomaly detection and classification is based on the changing data,and utilizes these resources to improve the yield. It detects the machine parameters causing the abnormality and classify the abnormal causes. AlphaFDC can analyze causes of anomalies using historical data collected from the factory. The system can establish a statistical and data exploration model for the anomaly detection and classification and monitor the anomalous events in semiconductor manufacturing process. Also, it can detect, classify and group latent anomalous events through multi-variable statistics and data exploration methods. Therefore, the system can improve efficiency by timely eliminating possible abnormal factors.