Intelligent Security System

AlphaISS is an integrated AI security product line, which includes facial recognition (AlphaFRS), vehicle recognition (AlphaVRS), behavior analysis, and object detection. It is aimed to provide the overall security in various aspects with artificial intelligence to reduce security manpower and in the meantime increase security levels by identifying dangerous objects and analyzing human behaviors in real-time.

Technology Advantages

  • Continual learning enabled by smart system architecture and design

AlphaISS intelligent security system tremendously enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the overall security systems with artificial intelligence optimized by Intel OpenVINO™ toolkit. It is able to continually learn in the fields by acquiring and analyzing all the information to improve the accuracy of the system.

  • Prevention of future security threats with big data analysis

The data of all intelligent security systems (AlphaISS), including facial recognition (AlphaFRS), vehicle recognition (AlphaVRS), behavior analysis, and object detection, will be integrated to provide aggregated information on overall security violations for analysis in order to predict and give early warnings and to improve safety awareness and vigilance in the future.

  • Comparison of AlphaISS with all other security systems in the market today

Fields of Application

In addition to basic 24/7 security monitoring, AlphaISS provides a higher level of security prediction and control with big data analysis for all information collected in the fields. Furthermore, it can be integrated with existing security systems, such as attendance system, access control etc., to make the system more robust and diversified.

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