Intelligent Facility Monitoring & Control System


Intelligent Predictive Device Management

This next-generation intelligent monitoring system adopts a programmable logic controller, data acquisition module and communication management host to help customers manage factory equipment operations from a centralized, remote controllable platform. The system records and analyzes factory equipment data, maintaining accurate status records for each piece of equipment and proactively alerting managers of any irregularities. Using big data analysis, FMCS2.0 predicts future maintenance needs, thus reducing the likelihood/impact of unexpected maintenance and significantly improving safety for both plant and personnel. All this makes plant production and product capability more stable.

Intelligent equipment inspection system

The more efficiently employees can operate manufacturing equipment, the better their performance will be. FMCS2.0 replaces paper records with tablets and/or mobile phones, analyzing electronic cloud data to monitor factory equipment in real time. Inspectors can use QR codes, barcodes, RFIDs or other electronic tagging devices to download information and generate inspection data. Managers can instantly and accurately understand the state of “5M1E” (manpower, machine, material, method, measurement and environment), making it easier for them to implement strategy accordingly based on current conditions. As a result, managers are significantly better able to oversee equipment operations and work efficiently.

Comparison of traditional FMCS and FMCS2.0


Using the AlphaInfo data analysis system, FMCS2.0 can significantly reduce accidents and unplanned maintenance-related impacts.